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Join our community in navigating the ever-evolving planet of technology skills. You’ll get the latest insights and honest on-the-ground views from seasoned tech leaders, skills consultants, commentators and luminaries.  You’ll also get a round up on the latest global news, research and resources to help create your strategy for keeping yourself, your teams and organisations ahead of the tech curve. 

From AI, Cloud, Machine Learning and Big Data to 3D Design and printing. We will cover all aspects of tech.

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Tech Skills Planet Podcast is the go to podcast for learning from experts and tech practitioners around the world. Here they will be sharing their tips for you and your organisation.

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This is the video companion to the podcast. You don’t just want to hear…you want to see! Here is a recent show.

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These are a collection of the regular updates from us with insights, free resources, news from the tech industry and more.




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Best Practices Playbook

How to succeed in upskiling your teams. Insights from industry and from our podcasts.

TED Talk / Keynote

Tech Day Launch or annual kick off. We can deliver a bespoke keynote to set the scene and inspire for the year ahead.


Creating templates to engage your tech teams and building ongoing support on their skills journey.

Project Planning & Support

Helping you build the ideal plan for success to upskill teams at scale.


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